Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mixed Media - Perfect - Art Journal Page #8

Todays art journal page is a bit different and I wanted to try and make a page using only spray inks. So it ended up being a bit more colorful than what I am used. I still feel like using acrylic paints are more my thing, but it is always fun to try different techniques.

I went a bit crazy with the colors on this one and I think I used every single color from the color wheel here. But I like the contrast between the black and the bright colors on the page.

Things didn't always go as planned on this page and I learned a few lessons a long the way. Big tip for all of you is to dry your pages completely before trying to add things like rub-ons on top. I ended up messing up both the sheet of rub-ons and the art journal page in the process just because I was too lazy to dry my page.

For more in-depth information on my process and thoughts on this page, take a look at the tutorial I filmed. You can find it on my YouTube channel or here below.

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