Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mixed Media - Magic - Art Journal Page #9

I just got my new Distress Sprays in the mail yesterday and of course I just  had to use them in my art journal today. As usual when I create in my journal things never really go as planned, but I guess that's life. I really like these new ink sprays even though they didn't really work the way I thought they would.

This time I am using my small Dylusions Journal instead of the large one. I rarely use the small one, but I am not really sure why since I actually prefer working in that one.

I added a bunch of old alphabet stickers to my spread for texture and then I painted over the whole thing with gesso. After drying the gesso I went in with my new Distress Sprays and I used very fall inspired colors for this page.

I also added some gesso on top to tone town the colors a bit and then sprayed the page with a gold color mist. I also used a stencil of a large tree which I sprayed in black as my focal point.

One downside that I found when using these spray inks were that they don't seem to dry on the gesso. It kinds of just sits on top of it as if the gesso resisted the ink. They are still really tacky and if I touch the page I get paint on my fingers, even after 9 hours of drying. I am going to leave the page out during the night and see what happens, but I seems like the ink won't dry, which is a shame. I often use spray paints and gesso together and I had really hoped I would be able to do so with these ones as well. But as I said, I still like these sprays and I can't wait to use them on future projects. And I'll keep experimenting to see what I can and cannot do with them.

For more in-depth information on my process and thoughts on this page, take a look at the tutorial I filmed. You can find it on my YouTube channel or here below.

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