Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Animal portraits

I recently took some new portraits of my cats since I didn't have any recent ones. I also wanted to try out my new daylight lamps that I bought, but I wasn't all that happy about them in the end unfortunately. I don't know if it's my camera that's the problem, but somehow it thought the room was still too dark and didn't want to focus properly. But with the lamps in place, the room was really bright and it should have been a "piece of cake" to get sharp images, guess I'll just have to experiment more with it. I do have a feeling something happened with my camera when I left it at a service place that was going to clean out some oil stains though.

First up is three photos  of my young girl named Deena. She's probably the most adorable cat I've ever had. And the last photo is of my older female Freja. She didn't really want to have her picture taken so I only managed to get one photo of her with her eyes somewhat open.

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