Thursday, September 25, 2014

Technique Thursday #2 - Resist

Another Thursday is here and I have a new easy technique to share. I am trying some kind of resist technique on this card and I used Distress Ink and Matte Medium for this. I also used the Distress watercolor paper from Tim Holtz which is already cut to a nice size for us card makers. I think the size of these papers may be made with the American A2 card size in mind, and since I make card according to European standards it's not a perfect match but I can work with them anyway. The European standard A6 card is a bit taller and not as wide as an A2 card in America so I have to do some trimming to make it fit.

I dabbed the matte medium over the stencil and then I dried it before I added my ink. I used two colors of Distress Ink and a lot of water for this technique. And the Matte Medium does a great job at resisting the Distress Ink, but you have to keep in mind that Matte Medium is transparent and the part of the paper that doesn't have the medium will absorb the ink. And with all the water that I added the colors soaked in to the paper and spread along the fibers, which moved some of the color to the areas where I had put Matte Medium on top. So I got some color behind the Matte Medium, mostly around the edges. This was exactly what I intended and hoped would happen when I added all that water, but if you don't want this to happen you have to be more careful with the amount of water you use or use an opaque resist medium.

I also filmed a tutorial for this card that you can find on my YouTube channel or here below.
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  1. There is nothing wrong with making monochromatic cards. Keep making whatever makes you comfortable. I would never have thought of using that as a resist medium. Thanks for sharing your talent!
    I tried to leave the comment on YouTube, but for some reason it would not work.