Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mixed Media - Imagine - Art Journal Page #7

So I can believe I manage to make an art journal page this week too. I know my goal is to make one each week, but I also know how lazy I usually are and I am happily surprised that I am posting this today. Especially judging by the fact that we were out of electricity almost all day yesterday when I was supposed to edit the video. But I managed to fix that today instead and here the page is.

I always clean my stencils and stamps on empty pages in this journal so there are very few pages that are actually completely blank, but that's just how I want it to be. I get a lot of inspiration from the patterns and colors that end up on the pages. And what inspired me on this page was the blue color that the old stencil cleaning had left. So I decided to go ahead and bring out some really old pattern papers from 7gypsies in different blue shades. I added matte medium all over the page to adhere and secure all of the papers.

I also did some embossing with the Distress embossing Powder  again today. I felt a bit bad for not using them correctly last time so I wanted to give them another try and do it right this time. And I do like them a lot.

To color my page I used Distress Paints and these are one of my favorite products to use. Not only do I like that they have a bit of a matte finish, they are also very fluid and easy to work with and I love the dabber container that will help keep my hand clean. To get that color mixing effect on the page I used spray inks on wet gesso and used a palette knife to move the colors around. I really love this effect.

And a thing that I am talking about in the video is that Art Journaling for me is more about the art than the journaling, and I don't find it necessary to always have journaling on my pages. But I do often like the look of it and since I am not a very poetic and emotional person I have such a hard time finding things to write. So I often resort to using stamp sets with premade ones instead, like the one from Tim Holtz I used on this page. So that is a great tip for all of you out there like me who doesn't have a lot of thoughts and things to write down.

For more in-depth information on my process and thoughts on this page, take a look at the tutorial I filmed. You can find it on my YouTube channel or here below.

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  1. I love this. I've just tried to emulate it in my journal and it's not bad! Thank you