Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Closet organization

Today I thought I would share a peak into our new closet. We have an old house and we have been renovating and fixing it for a very long time. And now it is all finally starting to get finished. And yesterday my husband did the finishing touched on our closed and now it is completely done. There are a few small things left to do, but nothing major. I just need to get some organizers for my jewelry and scarfs and such. But for now atleast all of the clothes and shoes have a place to live. I did give away a lot of clothes when I started organizing the closet since I did have way more than I needed. I am really trying to get rid of lots of things around the house and I truly want to start declutter the my whole life. Which is a big step for me since I tend to be a bit of a hoarder.

Our closet i pretty small, but still a bit of a walk in type. My husband keeps calling it a "crawl in closet" but then he is very tall and can't really stand up in the closet. For me it is perfect though.

I didn't really want to have these white mesh drawers in here, but they ended up being the cheapest solution since the ones that I wanted were just too expensive. I do think they work just fine and it doesn't look as bas as I had originally though it would.

My husband built this storage unit for my shoes so I could finally keep them in something other than an old plastic bag on the floor. I drew a quick sketch of how I wanted the unit to look and how large it had to be. I though four shelves would be enough, but he decided to make a fifth one just in case and I am glad he did since I couldn't even fit all of the shoes on five shelves. Guess he will have to build a second unit soon.

So that was the closet here in our house. I thought I would start a bit of a "mini series" here on the blog and share the progress of my decluttering and oranizing journey and hopefully I'll manage to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that I have accumulated over the years.

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